"Ned Landin is the consummate professional performer whose skills have been honed in some of the top truly public performance venues across the country. From Cambridge to Santa Monica ( and all points in between) Ned has entertained delighted audiences with great music and great humor. And his math ain't half bad either. I had the pleasure of working with Ned for over 10 years in Santa Monica and would recommend him for any event!"

- Benj Franz-Knight
Executive Director, Pike Place Market, Seattle 2010-present
Executive Director, Santa Monica Pier 2002-2010

"Not only is he one of our best performers, Ned Landin is a practical visionary who brought his years of street performing experience in North America and Europe to bear in Santa Monica, to solve what was a previously vexing problem regarding how street performers were allowed to present their artistic expressions on Santa Monica's world famous Third Street Promenade.

Ned participated fully in a multi-stakeholder process that brought together performers, staff from the city attorney's office, the fire and police department, representatives of the local business community and the non-profit organization the city funds to oversee the Promenade and surrounding area.

Ned's patient, thoughtful and creative approach helped bring the group to a solution that allowed performers to share the highly valued performance spaces on the promenade in a fair way.

All of those who enjoy the Promenade owe Ned a debt of gratitude, because the presence of the street performers there is one of the things that makes it special and unique, and Ned's work is a major reason why the performers continue to exist and thrive there to this day.

- Michael Feinstein
Mayor, Santa Monica (2000-2002)
City Councilmember, Santa Monica (1996-2004)